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The Contribution Of Marketing In The Business Boardroom

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Executive Summary

Marketing’s Contribution on a Board

There is an unfortunate, not to mention utterly baffling reality occurring in organisations today of all different sizes, scopes and industries: the under-appreciation of the function of Marketing as a significant and valuable force in conducting successful business. Instead of seeing Marketing as it should be, that is, a powerful engine of research, innovation, development and communication, the Boards often misjudge it as a pseudoscientific art that has little impact on their bottom line.

The Boardroom is where the overall business goals are introduced, discussed, reviewed and approved, and yet quite commonly, a Board Director with a background in the function that is the muscle power of developing corresponding strategies and tactics to achieve these very goals- i.e.: Marketing- is completely absent. Board Directors with the typical Financial, Operational or Legal backgrounds are not familiar with and therefore do not appreciate such vital activities as communicating directly with customers, developing brand image campaigns or conducting research on customer behaviour in order to determine how best to position the product- a Marketing professional however is. Whilst Financial, Operational and Legal backgrounds are strong contributors on the Board, it is time to emphasise the missing gap: the strategy driving Marketing function. The root of the issue essentially boils down to an underlying misunderstanding and undervaluation of what a Marketing Board Director can contribute.

Demonstration Of Marketing Value

The Gap Of Undervaluation

The article, A Seat At The Boardroom Table, mentions that Robert Colquhoun, the Managing Director of Alexander Colquhoun & Son, admitted he referred to Marketing as “practitioners of the dark arts.”[1] My own father, Neil Melotti, CFO of Grace Worldwide, referred to Marketing as “The ministry of good times and novel contributions.”

In order for a Board to see the value of a Director with a Marketing perspective, the value of Marketing’s contribution to organisational success must be correctly demonstrated. The time has essentially come to foster a culture that looks beyond the tainted reputation of gimmicks, give-aways, cheesy jingles and pretty pictures that Marketing has unfortunately gained throughout the years, and instead rebuild a solid, respected reputation for the function as an arsenal of powerful, driving solutions for the ultimate benefit of the organisation; only then will the Board Members believe that Marketing is an asset in the Boardroom.

Marketing’s negative reputation is compounded by the fact that, unlike other functions that are always on a Board, such as Legal Counsel and Finance, a Marketing Professional can often be seen as a practiser of pseudoscience or an ‘ace-in-the-hole’ when the sales team need that little extra support to reach a set target. That’s because Marketing is a function that isn’t always accurately measureable or rational on paper- both at strategy and result levels. It’s very difficult to justify an expensive communication campaign to raise brand awareness in a target market that is comprised of unique people. Scott Stratten describes it perfectly in his book, UnMarketing[2]. He says it’s not solely ROI (Return On Investment), an accurate and commonly used measure, that drives business success; it’s more ROR (Return On Relationships) which Marketing cultivates that produces the greatest outcome; and that is really hard to calculate tangibly. Therefore, the buck stops with Marketing to overcome this ‘gap of undervaluation’: the Board won’t decide to include and appreciate Marketing with no evidence- it must be proven and justified as an asset, both in and outside of the Boardroom.

Marketing’s role is to externally communicate to unpredictable Human Beings; you cannot plug in lines of accurate code with people to have them all behave in a way profitable to a business; some of the segment will reject the message, others will love it, more still will misinterpret the campaign and others will be too busy to even notice. There is no perfect solution to a problem when working with people, whether they are running organisations or individual consumers, hence the misconception and resulting undervaluation of the role of Marketing in an organisation.

Marketing: Helping Guide The Submarine

Therefore, it’s time to dispel these misconceptions and take Marketing off the side-line. Marketing needs to be seen not as an offshoot of support to the Operations/Sales teams, but as a strategic partner worthy of valuable contribution in the Boardroom. After all, due to the very nature of how Marketing works, it is the function with the finger on the pulse of the industry and its customers: how can a Boardroom steer an organisation to greater heights whilst such an informed contributor is not present?

Consider this analogy: It’s like a submarine (the organisation) without a periscope or sonar (Marketing), instead, relying on mathematical instruments (Finance) and a previously drawn map (Operations) alone to guide the course and hoping it reaches the destination successfully (Strategic Business Goals). What if the water current changes (market trends)? What if the depth is unpredicted (market demographics)? How can you keep an eye on other submarines (competitors) to ensure no collisions or direct attacks? Marketing cannot be on the beach, with a two-way radio to the Board Member crew; it needs to be there playing its role actively together with the rest of the crew.

The world’s industries are changing at an exponentially increasing rate and organisations cannot afford to wait to finally come to the realisation that the role and importance of Marketing has never been greater. Marketing is the function that is researching the shifting trends and fluctuating demographics of an organisation’s customers in order to predict and respond appropriately for the benefit of the organisation. How can an organisation rely on a Board with such a vital contributor is absent?

Application Of Marketing Techniques

Placing The Correct Value On Marketing: Contribution and Results

As outlined above, Marketing revolves around creating and monitoring the essential flow of information to and from external sources and the organisation, and in doing so, it defines, locates and retains customers for financial gain and organisational growth. The value of Marketing to the Boardroom therefore equates to both its initial tactical contribution at the goals and objective setting stage, and the measureable results and outcomes of its efforts.

Marketing’s Contribution

To a Board planning and developing future goals and targets, Marketing’s value lies both in:

1. The provision of information regarding external trends, characteristics, opportunities and threats that will effect these objectives, as well as;

2. The conceptualisation of a marketing strategy which effectively harnesses the strengths of the organisation, aligned to meet these set objectives.

Referring back to the submarine analogy, a Board setting goals must appreciate and be aware of the current and predicted future market landscape. Marketing, as a function, should be a major asset here as their efforts lie directly in contact with the market itself. If a competitor is having a particularly strong effect on the market, the major consumers are becoming more price-inelastic, or a recent breakthrough has made certain products redundant, Marketing can not only share this vital information with the Board, it can explain what impacts this will have on the current organisational objectives and suggest multiple options and tactical strategies to circumnavigate detrimental hurdles, as well as appropriately pursue advantageous and innovative opportunities. This is the benefit of inviting Marketing to participate in the Boardroom: such critical information should not be discounted or dismissed entirely. Such an oversight is an unnecessary detriment to organisational success.

Why would an organisation, therefore, think to exclude Marketing on the Board? Are the Board are willing to forego such advantages as already described above?

Marketing’s Reciprocal Obligation

Expectantly, it is a two-way street for Marketing to be included in the Boardroom. A Board with a Marketing member can assess and evaluate the Marketing concepts and strategy to ensure that the function has fully appreciated the other functions’ roles, responsibilities and perspectives. The Board can also actively interpret and ensure that the Marketing KPI’s align with budget, organisational and financial objectives, essentially removing the ‘practising of the dark arts’ perception: by inviting Marketing to the Boardroom, the organisation shines a large light over Marketing’s efforts, which in effect, will assist with dispelling the pseudoscience misrepresentation.

Marketing’s Outcomes and Results

Pinning down Marketing’s often intangible outcomes and results can be a difficult task- one that significantly adds to the under-appreciation of the function itself. However, it isn’t as shrouded as it may seem to other Board members, should a Marketing Board member be included.

Every function’s responsibility essentially lies with their direct impact and performance success on the organisation’s business plan and marketing is no exception to this. All functions are tasked with their objectives to make their appropriate contribution to the organisation’s goals and, in Marketing’s case, that is tangible and intangible corporate value.

Tangible value is the most solid due to the hard facts. In reality, straight hard figures reverberate the most in the Boardroom setting and include metrics such as direct customer responses to advertising, revenue growth, statistics from traceable online advertising, and figures from such activities as Product Familiarisation/Loyalty Programs.

However this is scratching the surface: as mentioned, it can be the intangible Return On Relationship (ROR) results that demonstrate Marketing’s effectiveness, however measuring these can be difficult. This in mind, a Boardroom can invite Marketing and focus on the value leveraged from the concept of marketing assets[3].

Marketing Assets are the leverageable value from intangible marketing elements, such as profitable good-will, reputable brand names, successful brand image, deep brand awareness penetration, the discovery of a profitable niche, a compelling advertising campaign, contributing marketing intelligence and so on. The issue here is that, often a Board vaguely accepts the value of these Marketing Assets, but fails to truly appreciate the scope of their impacts on organisational success and profitability. You cannot put a yearly mathematical depreciation formula on a brand name, for example. Therefore, by including Marketing in the Boardroom, the vagueness can be removed by an explanation of how to assign correct metrics to such Assets in order to demonstrate the impact they have.

These metrics are best assessed in a dynamic way by comparing continual past and future results of each Marketing Asset each time the Board meets. By viewing the value of each asset over several periods, unusual outliers and unexpected circumstances ‘smooth out’ and true value can be calculated. For example, Marketing can provide intelligence about competitors in the market through their research. This can be valued by the Board based on how such ongoing knowledge not only allowed the organisation to be better prepared over the last few quarters, but how well the developed Marketing Strategies assessed such threats and turned them into opportunities.

Another example is the value and contribution of a Brand. Brand awareness and perception are difficult to mathematically assess, however dynamically comparing unprompted and prompted consumer response to a brand, as well as its relevance in the market will indicate the potential earning capability it could generate. For example, Apple as a technology brand was seen as a technological leader and innovator in the market from around 2010 to 2012, and therefore, Apple’s Board, with a strong appreciation of Marketing, could accurately assess high profitable return to be leveraged off this good-will. However in 2013, to their detriment, Apple’s Board could view the Brand was weakening in the market now due to aggressive competitors and a far less innovative brand offering[4]. The Late and Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, was always a strong advocator of the value of Marketing at Board level toward organisational success[5].

The Apple example provides a good basis for the argument. The Board can assess past Marketing and organisational efforts that strengthened the Brand in previous periods (2010-2012) and investigate why a change has occurred in more recent periods. The Board, with Marketing present, would most likely determine that there was a distinct and direct correlation between the decline in their Brand’s strength and their falling market share, due to their recent Apple products being far less ground-breaking and their marketing campaigns far less unique and consistent with Apple’s funky, fresh image. Therefore, the next time the Board meets, the role of Marketing can be appropriately valued and more aggressively targeted to boost the next period’s results. By including the Marketing function in the Apple Boardroom, the Executive Team are better equipped to appreciate the decline and re-evaluate the organisational goals and strategies to address the treats to the business.

Organisational Synergy: A More Complete Boardroom

A successful Boardroom contributes best when it correctly appreciates all of a business’ separate systems: this should definitely include Marketing, not because it is a budget-draining misunderstood ‘pseudoscience’ of unproved, unpredictable and immeasurable efforts, but a powerful contributor and resource. A Boardroom with a Marketing member that understands this will be better equipped to value, manage and utilise the function for the extremely valuable contributions it can produce.


[1] Lindhe, J. A Seat At The Boardroom Table. Business Review Weekly. August 1-7, 2013. Pg 47-49.

[2] Stratten, S. (2012) UnMarketing. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

[3] Australian Marketing Institute. Deloitte. Marketing’s role in the boardroom- An evaluation framework for boards and directors. July 2013. Page 10.

[4] Marketing Mag. Corporate Reputation Index: Apple falls, Toyota Rises and banks bite back. 22 April 2013. < > Accessed 24/08/2013.

[5] Reynolds, G. Steve Jobs on marketing and identifying your core values. October, 2011. < > Accessed 27/8/2013.

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Direct Mail Marketing: To Whom Should Real Estate Agents Send Mail?

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The most powerful tool in your direct mail arsenal is your list of recipients. If you’re sending to people who have no need for your services, don’t care about your product and don’t want to do business with you, then you are wasting time and money.

Of course, there is no way to create a list where every single person will want to respond to your mail all the time. However, you can obtain and create recipient lists targeted to specific groups of people. When you tailor your marketing messages to appeal to those people, you’ll see a good response rate and healthy return on investment. For real estate agents, there are three different types of mailing lists: geographical farms, social lists and mixed lists.

Geographic Farms

Many real estate agents have found great success in farming. When an agent farms, he chooses a geographical area, usually a specific neighborhood or tract, and starts sending direct mail to everyone in that area (aka farm). He becomes an expert in that area. People he mails to will find his information useful because it pertains to their neighborhood. When they are ready to sell their house, many of them will use the farming agent because they trust his expertise.

Wondering where to get your mailing list? Title companies can pull those lists for you. Just give them the parameters and they’ll send you a list of names and addresses. Send this list to your direct mail company so they know where to send your pieces.

Some things to consider: When choosing a farm, choose one that frequently has people moving in and out, that way there is always potential business. Farms that are in developing areas and that are near good schools and amenities will usually have higher priced homes. Also, pay attention to your competition. Don’t choose a farm that already has an agent vigorously marketing in that area. Instead, choose one that has no agent presence or whose agent has a weak presence.

Social List

A social list is usually comprised of a real estate agent’s past clients, prospective clients, friends and family. These people are usually all spread out, not contained in a specific area like a farm. This is a list you build over time; you don’t purchase it from a title company. It’s a list of people you want to stay in contact with because you want referrals from them, you want their repeat business, or you just thought they were really cool. Since many of these people have done business with you before, they are likely to act on your mailers and do business with you again, or refer you to others.

Some things to consider: Agents often send less mail to social lists than they do to farms. The mail they do send is often more personable such as a thank you card or holiday card. Instead of sending monthly or weekly just listed and just sold pieces, they’ll usually send their social list a general market update or business overview every few months.

Mixed List

Some agents have a large geographical area where they market and decide to tailor different marketing messages to different groups in that area. For example, they may want to send a piece only to owners who have lived in their home for 5+ years or to those who may be eligible for a short sale. Talk to your title company about the different criteria they can use to pull targeted lists for you.

Some things to consider: Like a social list, it costs more to send a mixed list than a farm. If you send to a targeted mixed list, make sure your message is relevant to their specific needs. For example, if you send to owners eligible to short sell their home, your message should be all about short sales. Having a message tailored to needs of the audience will maximize the effectiveness of the marketing piece.

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Viral Marketing Phenomena

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The ‘myth’ (meaning) of ‘viral.’

Let’s talk about the phenomena of Viral Marketing. Anytime a word ‘viral’ is mentioned, our natural perception always refers it to some kind of contagious virus / bugs that we contract associated with upper / lower respiratory infections.

That’s not what we are talking about here! When it comes to IM (Internet Marketing List Building) the term ‘viral’ represents a ‘utopia’ of some sorts that every savvy internet marketer enjoys!

When an IM List Building effort turns into a viral effects, it produces passive / residual income. This article is designated to provide the ‘how-to’ on the viral marketing.

Hope it sheds some light for those who are in the process of creating that passive / residual stream of income. It’s a bit shorter than my posts on other list building subjects but it contains some helpful tips. Here goes…

Viral Marketing

This is another powerful tool that can get you more traffic to your squeeze page. The idea is to create a free eBook that has links to your squeeze page in it.

This is how it works:

1. Offer the eBook for free
2. Invite them to pass it along as long as everything remains intact.
3. If people like what they see, they’ll visit your squeeze page.
4. At this point, they will see your sign up box and may sign up for the newsletter.

You create a buzz by getting people to tell their friends about it, who in turn will tell their friends and so on. Think about last time you went to a really good restaurant – what did you do the following day? You told all your friends about it, some of which then visited the restaurant, enjoyed the same experience and then they told all their friends about it too.

The news of your eBook spreads like a virus traveling from one infected person to another. This is precisely how Hotmail and MySpace got started.

If your eBook has worthwhile content, this is a solid way to get people exposed to your information and also the page with your sign-up box. Your list will grow at an exponential rate full of targeted subscribers that didn’t cost you anything to acquire.

My mentor has an excellent source of recommendation when it comes to viral marketing expert. He recommended ‘Tim Broklehurst. Tim is responsible for the success of a site called

Tim started at an underground Internet Marketing seminar. Tim is a very down to Earth kind of guy and has a lot of time to listen to others needs.

Tim’s MVS3 gets the highest recommendation from my mentor. You can build a list of prospects and customers in any niche faster than you ever have before.

You can accumulate an army of affiliates spiraling your upward growth in any niche. This allows you to make your income online, even if you don’t have a product.

Best of all automate your Internet Marketing activities so you can do all this on autopilot. If you’re new to this whole Internet Marketing thing, then MVS will save you hours of time and thousands in expense.

Pass it Along

Another great tactic is to invite your list members to share the newsletter with their friends and family. You can also let them use the articles in your newsletter on their websites and in their newsletters as long as they provide a link to your squeeze page.

If every member passes your newsletter on to at least one person, that means twice as many people are viewing your information, sales pitches, and links.

Hope you get the idea of what Viral Marketing is all about.

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Internet Marketing – The Basics You Have To Learn

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Internet Marketing is a broad terminology used to define a lot of marketing activities that can be done on the internet. Some examples includes direct marketing, which is placing advertisements for your good and provide services on the internet, just like you do it in a newspaper.

Your advertisement will be visible on some website that you think users who are interested in your products might visit. For example if you sell Valentine Day gifts, you can post your advertisement on an online dating website. Similarly, if you sell sports gear you can place your advertisement in the sports section of any famous website like espnstar or BBC.

The biggest benefit that is provided by internet is that internet reaches the maximum number of people across countries and continents. You can advertise your product to almost the entire world by advertising it on the internet. Another benefit of internet marketing is that the advertisement is more likely to be seen multiple times and the recall value is greater. This is because people spend more time on a webpage of their interest than they do on staring at billboards.

Internet marketing and selling of goods gives you a flexibility that was unimaginable before the advent of internet. People can place orders and purchase things from you even while you are sleeping. You just need to constantly keep a look and take care of the operations and your business ticks by it. The results of your online marketing efforts are available real-time for you to see. You can assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign at virtually every second of the campaign. However, it is always advisable to go for search engine optimization of your website first of all. A user may like to check how good your reputation on the internet is when he sees your advertisements. The one thing that people trust on the internet is search engines.

To find about things of their interest, people rely heavily on search engines and there is an understanding in people that the results that come first on the search engine are authentic sources. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is an important tool that increases the rank of tour website on the search engine and makes it more credible. Hence if you want to avail the facilities that doing business on internet provides, you need to get an SEO done for your website. The money required for the same is very optimal and the goals that you set for your vendor to deliver can be easily measured and quantified.

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4 Ways To Do Target Marketing

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When it comes to marketing, you want to find something called a “target market”. Your target market will include a list of people who are best suited for your business, and you will want to target them with your offer. Now there 4 ways that you can go out and get yourself a hot target market:1) List brokers
2) Advertising
3) Internet
4) Direct MailAll 4 of these items could be used solely as a way to boost your sales and profits, but combine them all, and you will be sitting on a goldmine waiting to be conquered. But if you’re a one man operation, it’s best to use one strategy at a time before you start trying to do all off the techniques at once.Now let’s take a look at some of these things and how you can apply them in your business. I think you will be fond to see how many you can use in your business today.1) List brokersA list broker is someone who works at an agency geared towards renting lists for a variety of niche. I speak from personal experience that these people are not there to help you with a campaign – they’re just looking for their commission. So the next time you consider a list broker, consider what I’ve told you hear today. Let’s take a look at another strategy.2) AdvertisingAdvertising is about the fastest way to see results. Even if it’s poor response, the results are still fast. You will want to find a way to turn your ad into a lead producing machine. Advertise in more publications, different sections of the newspapers, in the classified ads, and even in the yellow pages. Show what your business is about, and how you can help them. Here’s another tip.3) InternetThe internet may be the biggest invention ever since sliced bread. With the internet, you can get sales for free, and it will help to lower your overall cost of doing business. I think if you’re not using the internet, you should be doing it right now. It won’t cost you much money to start. In fact, you can get started on a simple pay per click marketing campaign. Here’s the last tip that I can offer you.4) Direct mailDirect mail has been around for a long time but it still never fails to disappoint those who use it in their business. Direct mail is a way to rent a list, and make thousands of dollars doing it – all by sending out letters to people. But you have to have all of the dynamics in place for it to work. You need a good list, a good offer, and a good sales letter. If you can come up with these things, you might be making money in no time.Hopefully you will use these tips to perform at a higher level in your business than you have ever seen before.Good luck with making direct mail a profitable venture for you.

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The Three Marketing Do’s and Don’ts in a Slow Economy – Ignore at Your Own Risk

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Times are tough out there. You see it on the news. You hear it around the water cooler. And we’re warned it’ll get tougher still. Now more than ever businesses must be smarter about their marketing. But did you know about the three infallible, ruthless, mortal, imperative (insert your adjective here) Do’s and Don’ts that’ll help you ride out this economy? No? Read on.

DO invest in short-term direct response marketing.

With direct response marketing, you can measure performance and accurately account for money spent. How? Each piece sent out includes a response mechanism, such as a toll-free number or a unique url or email address. That way you can trace who is contacting you and why, giving you the data you need to better plan your next marketing move.

DO save in materials and production, not in strategy.

A successful marketing campaign’s strengths are on the offer and target audience. Less emphasis is on the creative – a glossy marketing brochure or mailer is useless if you don’t get enough of a response. Put more of your money in backing up your offer and developing the best distribution list possible.

DO go for the low-hanging fruit.

Remember your existing customers? Go after them first. Selling to whom you know is definitely a smarter use of your money. After you sell to this group, go after new customers within the same demographic (similar lifestyles, income, etc.). Again, direct response marketing can also be targeted to both of these groups, making it a great opportunity to sell to your existing customer base or to your particular niche market.

DON’T cut your marketing budget.

In times like these, savvy marketers actually increase their budgets. Sadly though, many see marketing as an unnecessary expense and slash their budgets, thinking they’re saving money. Yet it is during these rough economic times that companies need to maintain their presence in the marketplace. When the economy picks up, customers are more likely to turn to you because it’s your name they remembered seeing over time.

DON’T say the same thing you’ve been saying the last five years.

It’s time to retool your message. Consumers went through a major mind shift over the last year. For example, with our economic downturn, they’re less likely to respond to a “luxury” message and instead follow brands that offer the best perceived value. Instead, acknowledge the current climate in your messaging and offer something that will help them see them through.

DON’T lose sight of your brand.

Many businesses, in trying to survive the times, destroy their brand. For example, a business may be known for their focus on quality and service. Then it starts competing on price – just like everyone else. Make sure you continue emphasizing your core message, what sets you apart from the rest. That way, you ensure that any short-term marketing efforts now will set you up for better days ahead.

Times are uncertain, but following these Do’s and Don’ts will give you an edge on your competition now – and a better chance of emerging from this economy strong.

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Contractor Marketing 101: How to Design the Perfect Flyer for Every Door Direct Mail

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Every general contractor has at least on thing in common, they constantly look for ways to grow their business and land new projects. It’s a never-ending search for new clients and opportunities that will generate revenue and cover the bills.All things considered, contractor marketing boils down to one thing, direct marketing. Designing the perfect Every Door Direct Mail flyer can find new customers and projects faster than any other method. No matter how big or small your company, and no matter how long you have been in business, you can use direct mail to generate massive revenue. Using such a proven marketing strategy will help your business to achieve anything and everything that you have dreamed of. But it takes more than a cheap flyer to use direct mail correctly. It takes a scientific approach and amazing flyer design combined with the cost-cutting efficiency of the new USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program.Many different contractors make use of direct mail, but most of them underachieve due to rushing the design process or looking to make a quick buck. Making use of flyer advertising helps contractors find new clients while keeping a presence in their targeted local areas. This benefits both critical areas of marketing – new customer acquisition and current customer retention. In short, direct mail marketing lends credibility to your business, raises awareness, and acts as an incentive for homeowners to do something about common household problems or expansion needs.Direct mail flyer campaigns consists of three important parts – design, printing and distribution. One must give equal attention and thought to each of these three aspects to obtain the best results. If you fail to do you research throughout these processes, it will have a significant and negative impact on the entire advertising campaign and reduce your ROI.Design: Always use full-color design that “show off” your before and after photos from your most successful projects. Keep the benefits of your service as the main focus and show homeowners what their home could look like. Back up your claims with aggressive “Call Now” offers that save money or add value to your services.Printing: Once again, always print full-color advertisements. The bigger the better too. Make sure that you get your money’s worth and use a quality paper stock such as 80# commercial quality paper (standard with most bulk printing companies).Distribution: You know your business and service areas better than anyone else. Use postal routes as designated by the USPS to “hand pick” your distribution areas. Remove and “bad” or unwanted areas from your mailing campaign. By doing so, only high value prospects will receive your mail thus increasing your ROI.So what are you waiting for?Plan your general contractor marketing campaign today – before your competitors do!

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Understanding How Attraction Marketing Works

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It is imperative to gain insight on understanding how attraction marketing works. First off, there is no set of defined methods, but rather it is a theory. It involves a set of practices that compel prospects to sign on with a service or for a product. A solo-entrepreneur is commonly a valid candidate for this type of practice.It can be a misconception to dub all advertising practices the same. It involves a lengthy process in figuring out what works for a particular business or an individual. If the practices are properly utilized, a business can generate substantial income, implement effective long-term strategies, and bring a significant return on investment.In many cases, a business can capitalize on the principles by recruiting ideal employees. Recruiting employees can reduce the amount of stress the owner feels, and boosts profits. The old fashioned method of recruiting is outdated and outmoded for this work; it is also time consuming and expensive.There comes a certain level of responsibility in branding one’s name or a business. It has been theorized that if the brand name is reputable, then the products and services will be respected. While, the theory rings true, there are other responsibilities to uphold.A person interested in branding would have a lot of hoops to jump through to bring respect and reliability to his name. There are many ways to achieve this. Blogs, Social Media, free short e-books, and article directories are marketable aspects of branding. These Internet components are also the most commonly used channels today. These handles provide the most effective ways to retain readership and potential clients.Prospects and people genuinely appreciate the sharing of information. Branding channels allow owners of businesses to express valuable knowledge. Sharing information is the foundation of collaboration. Expressing knowledge and information demonstrates to readers that the writer is an expert or well-informed.An effective way to reel in the contact information is to provide a blog or website that presents a variety of tutorials, e-books, and references; the prospect has to provide a valid e-mail, amongst other identification. In most cases, it is acceptable practice to provide readers as a short biography or a little information about the writer. It boils down to creating an enlightening, pleasurable experience for readers and prospects.Contrary to selling as many products as possible, it should be about identifying with the ordinary frustrations of unknown territories on the Internet. Many people want to join multilevel marketing programs with sufficient knowledge to get a head start. In this type, of business, it can be necessary to give away valuable information to potential prospects; because the more they know, the better the chance the business succeeds.The type of market direction of a business is determined on the business’s goals, values, and purpose. Clearly defining a set of goals and values will determine the trajectory of a business. There some, but most large corporations have enormous recruiting and advertising budgets and do not need to commit to micromanagement of clients. Small businesses and individuals stand to gain the most from understanding how attraction marketing works. The right amount of customers is not a luxury, but a fundamental part of survival.

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Step By Step Strategy to Make Multi Level Marketing Leads Come After You

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Did you ever try to buy and call expensive multi level marketing leads and had no idea how you had access to them? Or have you talked too much about business opportunity to the extent that you have disturbed your family and friends and left with no one to talk to but yourself? I will give you a step by step strategy on how you can get leads to call you.To get better prospects none of us would come up buying and calling nonspecific multi level marketing leads. Remember that we run after prospects we need to see that we poured out all the power in the conversation. A need of finding out how to turn the tables around, making your leads want you more. Did it ever occurred to you what must be the hidden scheme why top income earners in the multi level marketing industry have prospects that run after them?That is simply because they have made themselves “leaders or kings” reflecting confidence and takes authoritative approach when dealing with their prospects. Now let’s discuss a game plan that will make multi level marketing leads come after you.If you’re not generating your own leads online then there’s a need of finding and using marketing systems that will attract prospects and will brand you as a leader in an optimistic view. If you don’t have any idea about attraction marketing then you can purchase or research books online that will give you extreme detail on the subject matter.Another prospecting strategy is called mobile ads. It is a unique way of generating multi level leads; this type of prospecting is known to most marketers. You can place ads to places where people are rampant like ATM machines, gas stations, restaurants etc. Simply put in information like, how much income will they generate a month, scheduling and your contact number.This prospecting strategy may generate serious and curious callers. You can set up an independent voice mail system to separate the serious calls from curious ones. Doing this type of prospecting people might think that you’re offering a job, what you need to do is on your voice mail inform them that you are looking for individuals with previous experience in marketing, direct or traditional sales, real estate etc. who are looking to start a business.Then you need to direct your marketing leads to leave their contact details, names and phone numbers so that you can contact them up. You can begin by saying “Hi, I’m Richard you called my line and ask for information on what I have to offer…then from their you have a way of explaining opportunities to your lead.If you’re serious in becoming a top producer and having leads ring your phone then a need of having vast knowledge on attraction marketing system is outstanding. It will give you details on how to make an impact to your prospects. You will find ideas on establishing credibility and how to magnet prospects. A lot of helpful ideas and information are presented on attraction marketing system.

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Tips For Marketing And Making Your Business A Success

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To get more new customers into your business, you have to be creative. I think any business can be made profitable if they follow the true paths of direct response marketing. Direct response involves large headlines, body copy, and a strong close in your ad or direct mail piece.Direct response is the only kind of marketing that you should be doing. If you want to make your dream of owning your own business a success, then you will want to change the way you think about business. The old American dream of owning a business is becoming frail due to the fact that the economy isn’t in the best shape right now. But that still doesn’t mean that you can’t make your dream come true.There are still people thriving and surviving in today’s economy. I know that my business took a hit, but it wasn’t enough for me to stop making money. I’m still making money from my business as we speak! So even though you’re in a down economy, I don’t think that you should let it deter you from making your dream a success.Now if you want to make more money in this rough economy, you have to do a few unconventional things. One of those things is niche marketing. Niche marketing is all about carving out a segment in the marketplace for yourself, and taking control of a niche no matter who’s operating in it.With a niche, you can easily earn a lot of money. You can charge more, your product will be unique, you can develop a following, and you’ll be considered as an expert in your niche. So if you aren’t doing niche marketing now – now is the time to start doing it. It really is that important. Let’s take a look at another option that you have for surviving in this struggling economy.Analyze CompetitorsYou never want your competition to get the leg up over you. Because of this, you will want to play customer. Order their product, and see what kind of backend operations that they employ in their business.If they’re running a backend marketing campaign, then see how they do their marketing. If they don’t do any type of backend campaigns, you don’t have to worry about them because they won’t be in business too long.These 2 tips for staying on top of the marketplace is something that you should take to heart, and are things that you will want to implement in your business today. If you don’t do them, you’ll be missing out on a huge profit stream that is waiting for you to take over – so keep that in mind.If you want to make your business a success, you have to follow these tips. They are all easy to use and implement, and I think you should put them into use right away if you want to see the kinds of sales and profits that you dream of in your business.

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