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Outbound Vs Inbound Internet Marketing Strategies

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Outbound marketing strategies push your message out to your target market. Inbound marketing strategies pulls your target market to you. Outbound feels intrusive. Inbound feels like a company cares.

With outbound marketing strategies, you get your message out through product focused advertising and promotions; sales efforts; organizational public and media relations; customer service and customer satisfaction. This is marketing as we have come to know it over the years. It is needed once contact has been made, but it is not the best way to attract customers.

All of these efforts try to get customers to buy first before they experience your excellent customer service and become satisfied customers. But today’s buyers want to form a relationship before making a decision, not after the decision has already been made. They want customer satisfaction before becoming a customer. Outbound marketing techniques such as direct mail, telemarketing and trade shows have become less effective over time as buyers today behaviorally and technologically tune these intrusive campaigns out.

Too often, businesses jump right to the outbound marketing. As a result, they end up trying to push products onto people who even if they really do want the products, don’t want to be pushed. Effective inbound marketing strategies often lead to much more effective — and less difficult — outbound marketing and sales.

Inbound marketing strategies and techniques focus on pulling relevant prospects and customers towards a business and its products. This approach pulls customers to your business instead of pushing your business on them. This pull helps the prospective customer know that you actually care about them, not just about their wallet.

The greatest opportunities for inbound marketing are with technology. With inbound internet marketing efforts companies offer their readers useful information, tools and resources to attract prospects and customers directly to their store, while also interacting and developing relationships with customers on the web. Vital tools for inbound marketing include blogs, content and article publishing, search engine optimization, social media and social networks.

The easiest and least expensive types of inbound marketing are done on and through the internet. This type of marketing complements the way buyers make purchasing decisions today. Today’s buyers use the internet and related media to learn about the products and services that best meet their needs before they make a purchase. In fact, statistics reveal that 82% of buyers research on the internet before making their purchase.

Your prospective customer may know exactly where your store is, but if it is beyond normal buying patterns, they’ll probably check it out on the web before walking in your door to make the purchase.

Since 82 out of 100 people will search the internet first, when they do a search for xyz widget, yourtown, usa, will they find you there? If not, they may figure you do not have what they are searching for. Those 82 will probably go somewhere else.

Wouldn’t you like to capture that 82% of the market in your town? Your first step is to establish an inbound internet marketing presence. Put these marketing strategies to work for your business and watch your sales increase.

Internet marketing strategies can bring you more customers at lower cost than any other means. Plus, you can track the results. You can’t do that with most other forms of marketing.

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Basic Twitter Marketing Guide

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It is hard to find anyone who haven’t heard, used or seen of Twitter these days. It’s popularity has increased even more within the business world. It is open source of information for anyone and everyone to use. But still some of us are not sure of how to make the most out of it. When I first started using Twitter for my work, I was bit lost, even though I had idea about what Twitter was and how it worked. I put together this basic guidelines for anyone interested in using Twitter or already have account and want to make more out of it.

First step is to get a account. You can go to Twitter and create account. Once you have account setup it is important to customize your profile to something familiar with logos, picture or products etc. Click on Profile next to home on top. Then click on edit your profile. Or click on setting where your picture and account name is displayed. Then you will be presented with options to customize your profile. Click on profile and make sure, if it is for company you have company logo and if it is personal Twitter have your picture. Icons are outdated and nobody likes to follow icons. Use the space for Bio wisely with strong and specific message regarding your business or you.

You can always use your own background image to make it more attractive and familiar.
To change the background image.
1. Click on Design.
2. Then Change Background Image, browse the picture you want displayed and Save Change.

And of course the most important, your tweets. Make sure they are engaging, relevant and interesting to your followers. Hashtag and trending topic are also good strategies to tie your tweets to send your message beyond your followers. Hashtags and trending topics are displayed on right hand side of your Twitter account. Twitter is not only about informing your customer but also about communicating with them answering their query, solving their problem, listening to them and taking actions, keeping close eyes on your competition, following the trends on your industry.

First and most important is always research your competition. You will know about what your competition is doing and may also be able to find a niche where they are falling behind. With Twitter it is open and easy. You can locate their Twitter account through directories like wefollow. You can include your own Twitter account with 5 interest categories. Lets you find the top Twitter accounts with categories. Very effective in finding the influencers in particular industry.

Once you have followed your competitor or subject of interest create a list. This helps you to be informed on what your competitors/subject are doing and how they are handling their Twitter strategies, special offer or other promotion or their weak points. For easier access to the information you can create a lists for each competition/subject so that you don’t have to search for their tweets in jungle of tweets. Here is how to do it. Find and follow them in the Twitter. Then you will get option of create a list. Follow the instruction and you will have the list with all the tweets for that Twitter account.

Once the account is set up following is the next step to get followers to your account. The key to following is look at the number of people they are following and number of follower they have. 1:1 ratio means if you are following that person it is most likely they will follow you back. Finding people is easy, just click on who to follow and type in your interest/company or keywords you want to follow in the search box. Check the follower to follow ratio.

If someone follows you and they are relevant to your business or interest make sure you follow them back and send a direct message. Make the direct message short, relevant and personal.

Hootsuite is important tool that helps you monitor you Twitter. The great thing about this tool is its free and after signing up you will be able to monitor your Twitter performance in one platform. You can monitor mentions, direct messages, searches and Twitter lists by setting upto 10 columns at a time. With the search you can use the keyword related to your industry to see the real time tweet queries and direct them to website/blogs or answer their queries with @username.

Most important aspect for any media or marketing effort is flawless integrating with other marketing effort and continuous and engaging communication. Integrate your social media into other aspects like website, blog, email signature, advertisement etc to get the best results and maximum exposure. There’s ton of tools, both free and paid versions, that help monitor Twitter analytic for your business and it’s worth trying few of them to figure out what works best for your scenario and goals.

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How a Compensation Plan in Network Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business Explained

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All of us Network Marketers have the dream of becoming rich and powerful in some ways. The idea of not worrying about money and being able to do what we want when we want is what drives us. Every day you are bombarded with business opportunities and it is almost impossible to figure out which one is better than the other. My goal today is to help you figure this out in just few steps. There are 3 keys to your network marketing business that will decide whether or not you have a chance to be successful and today will focus on the compensation plan alone. In my opinion, probably the most important part of your business. Without the greater rewards financially, you will not make any real money. So how does a compensation plan in network marketing make or break or your business?

As my business partner says so well. “You must be compensated for your own direct sales efforts early on or you’ll never be around later on to even see what residual income looks like.”Usually, people don’t ever even give it a second thought. The reality is that the promise of “Residual Income” is all but dead for today’s Network Marketers. This may anger you. It was a hard pill to swallow for me as well. But if I didn’t, I would not be here telling you about these embarrassing lies that people are telling.

The next part is critical here so pay attention. If your compensation plan does not have a “Direct Sales Component” and a “Residual Income Component” it is like going to a battle at war without a gun. It is what we call a “Dual Income” compensation Structure. Very simple, you get your money two ways. You get paid immediately for your work whether or not you decide to build a downline or not… And you get paid over time through residual income.

Stop and think about it for just a moment because this truly the most innovative, never revealed, undisclosed secret to making real money in Network Marketing in the New Economy, by far second to none. So in other words, you get paid first and you leverage your income later. Not bad!

The best entrepreneurs today always get paid first and leverage their income later and focus on the residual income after. It is called “Immediate Leverage Income” Hint, remember this term. Now remember, you have to have both, short and long term income. It is not a choice.

Still there… Great because we are moving on here…

The quote on quote Traditional Network Marketing will have you believe that residual income is the Holy Grail… Absolutely false and shame on you if you believe it. It is a figment of the imagination. I know you are probably having a problem swallowing this pill. Remember, I know the feeling because I was in your shoes but it is simple economics, simple as that.

Here’s the issue… Less than 1% of Network Marketing compensation plan have the Dual Income element. Unfortunately, you read it right. Less than 1%.

The ones that did realize the critical importance of the Dual Income element and included it in their compensation plan are now the companies with reps. that experience the least amount of attrition (turnover) and its reps or not going from one opportunity to the next because they make money from day one.

Because they make money up front, the network marketer who uses a Dual Income compensation plan is not attached to building a team or a downline. They don’t have to worry about Joe Smith in North Dakota who spent his last few hundred dollars to get started. I’ll expand on this in a little but…

An entrepreneur can not make it on residual income alone. It is worth saying again… An entrepreneur can not make it on residual income alone. You will never hear this from them either.

Why? What would you do if they did? I would too… Almost every Network Marketing Plan is residual based only. A few do claim to have a commission up front but the numbers are ridiculous. A few hundred dollars may be, if you are lucky. Let’s be serious here. We have done the research.

If you are reading this, I supposed you ultimate goal is to make a full time income and maybe even leave your job, right? I don’t have to tell you that a few hundred dollars won’t replace your current income. Especially with the cost of everything rising like we have never seen before.

Here’s something else even more significant to think about… What about if you work your butt off for a year or so and you are by some miracle able to build a downline in an old school Network Marketing business that pays you a residual income of about $3,000 a month for the next 3 years. Over a period of 3 years that is $108,000. How big do you think your organization would have to be in order to make a $3,000 a month residual income in a traditional Network Marketing business model? 400 reps, 800, 1600?

I used the word miracle earlier because building a downline like I am talking about to create a $3,000 a month residual income virtually never happens anymore. The reasons are very simple. You will experience huge attrition like you would not believe and your check will be decrease drastically (You will not hear that from them either). But just for the sake of this example, we will keep that number, OK?

$3,000 a month for 3 years. Sounds pretty good but is it really the best course of action? Or would it be better to work with a Dual Income Network Marketing business model that pays you the $108,000 in the first 12 months without the need of residual income (which come later)? Kind of a silly question, right?

Here’s why… An economy fact is that money is worth more in your pocket today and it will ever be in 3 years. What you can do now is use that $108,000 and invest it in real long-term residual assets like real estate, gold, silver or even dividend paying stocks.

To be completely honest, I would prefer to have $108,000 in real estate or gold than to draw off $3,000 monthly for 3 years… Even more today than before since my income can disappear in the blink of an eye if somebody in my upline decides to bounce to another company and take as many people as he/she can with them in the process or even worse, the company decides to changes its stinky compensation plan (Which by the way, it happens very often).

If you really want to have the feeling of getting residual income, do this. Go to the bank and deposit that $108,000 into a money market account and make arrangement to have the bank deposit $3,000 in your account every month. At least, you will never be in danger of losing your residual income.

No Vanishing downline or dropping sales to be concern with and at least you make interest on your money for a few years… You get the point. It is quite the reality check when you understand that your income is totally dependent of total strangers, individuals you never met…

You have no idea what is their long term plot. You have no idea if they have family problems, what they will do next but yet, your income is directly affected by what they decide to do and everybody between you and them… Remarkable isn’t…

What is the point of waiting around for that insignificant $10-15 commission check every month when you don’t know how long it may last. Get a year worth of that money in advance and learn to do some good with it outside the Network Marketing world.

In the end, money is worth a lot more in your wallet today than it will ever be next year. So Get Paid first and then invest your money intelligently like successful business owners do every time.

The key here for you to realize is this. The economics of Network Marketing have transformed forever. Network Marketing as it is will never be the same. The longer you refuse to acknowledge it, the longer you will be on the sideline not making money.

If you do not have a Dual Income compensation plan that rewards you first and allows you to stay in the game long enough to secure the benefits of residual income, you will most likely always spend more money then you will make. You will eventually push yourself out of business because you are operating at a loss.

It is not easy to say but the promise of residual income has all but disappeared.

There is the occasional 1 out of 10,000 exception but as an industry, the old school Network Marketing has become a real farce driven greed, build-up and the terror of loss where only the one individual with a lot of money can dependably get a decent amount of residual income.

Ultimately, this is why I wrote this article. It is critical for me to pass along this information to as many people as I can. I need you and everyone to understand the deceitful economics at risk here so you can change the path you are on before it is too late, just like I did and many other entrepreneurs did when you came across did info.

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Why Choose Online Marketing for Your Business?

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If you’re someone who’s not familiar with the online world, you probably don’t feel confident investing in marketing strategies that only exist and operate in a virtual sense. However, if you’ve been spending a great deal of your advertising budget on material promotions such as billboards and newspaper or television ads for the past few years but are finding it increasingly difficult to target the right audience and track your results, it may be time to consider an online marketing strategy for your business. Although initially the enormous variety of strategies available for online marketing campaigns may seem daunting and take a little while to get your head around, the returns for your business are likely to surpass your expectations, particularly if you employ the aid of an online marketing specialist.

There are many advantages that online marketing has over traditional marketing concepts such as radio, TV and direct mail. One of the most valuable features of internet marketing is its unique ability to target a specific demographic in a much more reliable way than traditional marketing strategies. Using behavioral targeting techniques, marketing campaign can be directed to an audience that has been selected according gender, age, location and hobbies, as well as income level, education, occupation and marital status. With this kind of advantage, you will be able to fine-tune your online marketing approach to directly attract their interest.

Interactivity is another major advantage that online marketing has over traditional methods. Web design can incorporate a broad variety of elements including audio, video, and interactive links such as quizzes, surveys, blogs and contests that encourage the participation of site visitors. In addition, interactive elements such as blogs enable customer commentary thus providing real-time feedback. The success of internet marketing can also be monitored through website reporting which has a far greater level of accuracy than methods used to assess traditional marketing strategies.

A web design that includes quizzes, competitions and comment boxes not only attracts more customers to your web site, but enables the collection of customer contact data that can be used for future email marketing alerts on new products and services and regular newsletters and updates. Maintaining relevant and regular contact with your clients will let them know how the continued developments of your business can benefit them, and will ensure their loyalty and satisfaction.

Sold on the idea? Before you launch the exciting new online marketing strategy for your business or product, it’s best to consult an expert in the field for some quality advice. Infinite IT Solutions is a Melbourne-based company that you can rely on to give your business a prominent online presence through premium web design and personalised online marketing strategies. Combining ten years industry experience with a dedication to customer satisfaction, Infinite IT offers a full range of services including website redesign, SEO, photography and content writing that are sure to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Successful Affiliate Marketing On The Internet

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People often want to earn commissions by selling products or services, but do not own a company, or have their own products, or even have a website. This does not exclude them from making a decent living in the sales industry; they can become affiliate marketers. Countless thousands of domestic and foreign companies want independent help in promoting their merchandise, and contrary to popular belief, affiliate marketing is not a closed industry.

Becoming an affiliate marketer for someone else’s product line is not a new fad. In fact, it has been a staple of the sales industry for centuries. In today’s internet-based economy, old-fashioned word-of-mouth has a new meaning, because information exchange is not only lightning fast, it is available to just about everyone on the planet. The way companies conduct their everyday business, from testing out new products to keeping established customers, revolves around the 21st century version of getting the word out.

Basically, affiliate marketing in its contemporary dress is rather simple: an affiliate marketer seeks a company whose products or services are interesting and saleable, and then decides to help out with the promotion of that company’s product. In return, the affiliate earns a share of the profit. For example, if Company “A” sells garden gnomes, they are probably advertised on the internet. Company “A” will have their own website, complete with product information about their garden gnomes, and customers can order by placing items in a shopping cart and proceeding to online checkout, paying with a credit or debit card. In addition, the company advertises on Google, Internet Explorer, or other search engines. An affiliate is allowed to participate in the same advertising game.

The independent affiliate will obtain a special destination URL code that is incorporated into all online text, video or banner ads. Customers who click on these advertisements will signal a charge to the affiliate’s account with the search engine company. The affiliate, in other words, is charged on a pay-per-click basis even if the potential customer does not buy anything after being directed to the Company “A” website. But if they do purchase product, the embedded code in the advertisement will record the sale as one made by the affiliate, and he or she will earn a percentage of the sale.

This is a very simple explanation of online affiliate marketing. Obviously, the affiliate will want to promote services or products that seem to have enough appeal for a large internet audience, otherwise the advertisements created will not receive enough traffic to make the venture worthwhile. Also, the affiliate marketer will need to gain knowledge about online advertising. This includes knowing how to set a budget, how much to charge for a click-through, and what search engine optimization (SEO) tools should be employed.

A new strategy being employed today involves the use of social networking sites as a tool for directing traffic to an advertising link. Of extreme importance is the understanding that an affiliate cannot market a product simply because it is well-known or greatly desired. Unless advertisements are worded correctly and are quite relevant to the web page to which they direct the consumer, the search engine companies will not give a favourable rating, and the ad will rarely show. Although little or no advertising dollars are lost because of this, a great amount of time is wasted, and it becomes easy for the affiliate to become discouraged.

Rule Number One for individuals who want to get in on the affiliate marketing game is to find a good tutorial that explains in detail how to sign up with companies looking for advertising help, and also how to successfully market any product using the search engines. It is a matter of trial and error, but persistent affiliate marketers will usually find good products to promote, and gain a foothold in the world of internet marketing.

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Several Tips for Social Media Marketing

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Basics of Internet Marketing

The principal of Integrated Marketing Communications is congenial indeed for connecting to the targeted markets. It is a promotional mixture which is very well churned and blended with each other. Advertising, personal selling, building public relations, direct marketing, publicity and promoting sales, each with its share of contribution, makes a swell result oriented concept called integrated marketing communications. With the onset of Social Media Marketing strategies, now being implemented very liberally by most, the product popularity touches a dizzy height within no time. Social Media Marketing has made a whole lot of difference, to the way organizations interact and communicate with each other.

The traditional marketing model collaborates with an external agent on various fronts like, the material or content, frequency, timing, and medium of communication. Some of these external elements that bring about liaison activity are agencies that advertise the product, firms that indulge in marketing, and firms that build up your public relation and public image. Ever growing popularity and use of Social Media Marketing has hit the communication of the organizations, right on the bull’s eye!

The emergence of web 2.0

To add to this phenomena, is the emergence of web 2.0, where in, internet facilitates with the help of its net tools to unify socially and professionally, exchange info ration and share concepts and project on line. The customers and the companies can talk on line and exchange information regarding the product, post use and pre use. The elimination of a wall: so to say between the executives of the company and the direct customer has bridged the gap, created on account of taking the customer for granted for all these years.

The sole basic idea of Social Media Marketing programmers is to endeavor to create such content as, attracts attention and lures the readers to share it on large basis with their net contacts and otherwise. A message from the corporate world – hops -skips- and jumps-from one use to the other spread faster than jungle fire! It will not be too far-fetched if one presumes that it vibrates being the output of a reliable stream, a neutral one, instead of coming from the company or the brand itself. Moreover Social Media Marketing is a pedestal that everyone likes to step on, while possessing the quality of easily accessible to one and all, it also helps the Brands to add to their brand awareness and sometimes even build it up for them.

There are some platforms where the customer can interact directly with the company executive and ask questions and clear apprehensions first hand. This breaks a lot of rigid barriers which existed due to distant and unresponsive feedback sections of various organizations. Social Media Marketing has its reach, to an amazing several digit number. It’s time for all you out there, to feel the pulse of this technology and fall in line with the fast growing networking technology.

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Use Mobile Marketing to Create an Internet Marketing Business

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Mobile Marketing allows for an individual to create a complete online business solution. An internet marketing business allows for an individual or a company to make money by placing ads and selling products online. This is becoming a very popular business style because advertising on the internet has expanded in recent years and there are a lot of new venues where marketers can now make a profit. With the advent of mobile marketing, marketers are now able to expand their marketing efforts to an entirely new venue in the hope of making an additional profit.

Mobile marketing allows for an individual or a company to place ads within the web browsing function of a smart phone or within a free app that a smart phone user might download. Both of these methods allow for marketers to make money by the ads that they place on mobile smart phones. There are two approaches that an internet marketer can take to make money through their ads: they can sell the ads themselves and manage the ads for other people, or they can place their own ads which will direct potential customers to other websites that will generate a profit.

The first option allows an internet marketer to provide a complete mobile ad solution to a business that wants to place ads in a mobile format but does not know how. A marketer can potentially make a lot of money by referring customers to the company that has hired them. Many fee models state that the internet marketer gets paid a small fee for each referral they send to the company that has hired them. This could net an internet marketer thousands of dollars per day if the mobile ads work like they should.

The second model is for an internet marketer to place the ads himself in hopes of directing traffic to other sites that he has monetized. For example, if an internet marketer has a product that he wants to sell he will create a sales page strictly for that product. The marketer can then use mobile marketing within smart phone apps that users will click on. When they click on the ad, the users are directed to the product page and presented with the opportunity to buy the product. This allows an internet marketer to pay a small ad fee for every person that clicks on his mobile ad, in return for a potentially huge pay out if someone buys his product.

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The Rise of Multi-Level Marketing Business: Is It for Real?

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Multi-level marketing business (MLM) uses the marketing strategy where the sales force is compensated for the sales they make personally as well as for the sales made by others they have recruited. This creates a line of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels where multi-level compensations are given. This kind of marketing strategy is also known as network marketing, referral marketing, and direct selling.

Criticisms of Multi-level Marketing

Critics are of the opinion that this type of marketing is basically a pyramid scheme. That means it is a business model where participants are promised payments for enrolling others into the scheme, instead of getting compensation for actually selling the product. Pyramid schemes are considered to be illegal as the companies are supposed to market their product directly to consumers by means of word of mouth and referrals.

Companies using MLM have been a target of lawsuits for activities like price-fixing of products, recruitment of lower rung salespeople over actual sales, and high initial start-up costs, which are considered illegal. Although it is also true that not all multi-level marketing businesses operate the same way and many MLM groups have always emphasized that their techniques are legitimate business practices.

WordPress Plug-In

To create a successful multi-level marketing business, you need a perfect home base. A WordPress blog is the preferred solution for this purpose. For those who are not confident of how to go about creating and running a WordPress blog, the role of the WordPress multi-level marketing plug-in comes into action. These smart little applications help the blogs run smoother, get more traffic, and build better SEO.

Earlier it used to be a very difficult task to find and FTP these plug-ins into blogs, but it is much easier now. Just go to “Plug-ins” in the side panel, and click on “Add New” to add a new one to the blog.

Some WordPress multi-level plug-ins for MLM blog are as follows:

• Akismet: This plug-in will take care of blog spam.
• All in One SEO pack: By adding a title, Meta descriptions and metatags to every post gives the blogs more visibility.
• TweetMeme: Connecting the blog to Tweet allows the readers to retweet the blog.
• Contextual-related posts: To keep people on the blog for a long time, use plug-in displays posts that are related to the content of the post they are reading.

How to Manage Risk in This Scenario

Risk management in multi-level marketing is a very important area needing attention. The possible losses on investments and in marketing campaigns all have to be considered while planning the strategy. Three important risks include the following:

• Legitimacy of a company can be a risk; to avoid this, careful research is required.

• Start-up costs, like the cost required to invest in a multi-level marketing business, are important to understand. If a high projected earning for the company is realistic, greater risk can be taken.

• Lack of knowledge is another risk area when people start a multi-level marketing business without much knowledge of direct selling. The company should provide regular, proven, ongoing marketing training to its sales force to minimize this risk.

By managing the risk factors and practicing a legitimate business model, multi-level marketing business can prove to be a very profitable business.

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MLM Marketing System – Can You Be Duplicated?

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When it comes to building your MLM business, are you just winging it? Perhaps like so many others, you were simply directed to some tools and told to run with it, instead of being given a real roadmap or a defined MLM marketing system to follow.

Using the power of a MLM marketing system, doesn’t mean that everyone becomes like robots trying to duplicate a particular person, it simply means your team has a specific process or recipe for selling or recruiting, an A plus B equals C equation.

Lacking in money and sufficient lead flow is the primary reason individuals fail with MLM. A second leading cause of failure is lack of direction. It is much easier to accomplish any task, if you know exactly what you are suppose to do. Think about a typical job, usually it comes with a job description, and training. Once a new employee is trained, they understand precisely what is expected of them on a daily basis. If this is standard practice in traditional business, then why is the ball dropped so often with MLM businesses?

Reality is, most people that get started with MLM, don’t have prior business experience, and are of the employee mind set. They need to be told what to do. Being self employed is a total shift in thinking and habits, that doesn’t come easily for many. Since the average person has spent most of their career working for someone else, wouldn’t it ease the transition if we treat it like job training initially?

What is a MLM Marketing System?

In basic terms, a system is a sequence of processes. For your MLM marketing system, think of it as a step by step checklist for business. Every business should have a system or process to follow for product sales, and a system for team building.

Every MLM marketing system must begin with advertising or lead generation, since we need potential customers or partners to speak with. Each system may have varying steps in the process correlating to the different types of products, services, or tools offered. A company with a higher priced product may have a longer sales cycle, while a smaller ticket item will have a shorter cycle. The basic steps in any system must include: advertise, initial contact, presentation, follow up, take order, start training. Other factors such as learning curve, educational process, as well as type of industry or products may warrant additional steps in the process like conference calls, webinar training, or risk free trials, etc.

Regardless of the flow of your MLM marketing system, the first step is to advertise and expose, with the final step being the result of retail profits, or a new recruit. To give your new partners the best possible chance at succeeding, provide them with a coaches checklist, which defines the exact steps they must take, in order. The coaches checklist should also include any specific items to be completed with each step, such as sending certain follow up emails, or what should be included in a training or marketing package. It is better to structure your training similar to an employee manual, since most of your new partners will just be starting to transition from employee mind set to entrepreneur.

Finally, if you don’t have a MLM marketing system in place already, and are planning on implementing one, first do a little research to find out what marketing tools or presentations create the best conversions and interest for your particular product or opportunity. You will want to structure your steps to align with what is working for the leaders in your company. If there doesn’t seem to be direction available for this, don’t overlook outside sources for training and feedback.

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How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Sale or Lease

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To sell or lease a commercial property as a real estate agent you have to tap into the target market and do it well. This says that you have to understand that target market in your location before you start the process of promotion. To define a target market is sometimes hard given the relative property.

Ask yourself these questions:

What media will reach the target market in a direct and sustained way?
What is the best time to promote the property to the target market?
What is the capability of the target market to act and purchase the property at the moment?
Why would the target market buy or lease such a property now or at any future time?
These questions lead to critical decisions to market the property. Today we have a selection of media to choose from; some of which are more effective than others.

Consider these alternatives of marketing a commercial property for sale or for lease.

Direct mail
Direct telephone contact
Neighbouring property owners
Businesses in the area
Promotional flyers
Radio and TV
So what method is best? Only you can make that decision when you know what your target market is. The seller of the property should be fully briefed about your definition of target market before you ask for vendor funds to market the property.

It is wise to have a series of say 3 marketing packages from which the client can make a choice. The logic of gold, silver, and bronze marketing packages to promote a property for sale or lease is productive and sensible. At the end of the day the vendor should be asked for promotional funds but in doing so they should be given a choice of how much to spend and in what way.

The internet today is playing a significant part in the promotion of property. It is cheaper but available to all in most marketing campaigns. It has a sustained promotional life and has the ability to capture enquiry for many weeks.

When the enquiry starts to come in, it should be captured and categorised. The value of a great database of buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants is high in the operation of a real estate office. The more people you know the better the listings and enquiry will be. This is where a team of good salespeople all running an accurate database of well qualified prospects can make a significant difference in the market place.

John Highman is an expert real estate author, conference speaker, and coach. He helps Real Estate Agents globally to improve their property business, market share, listings, and commissions. John is a successful real estate agent himself and has been so for over 30+ years.

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